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Volkswagen Crafter For any business (Campaign)

Clio Awards

Print Campaign Gold

Briefly introduction of Volkswagen Crafter

Just like a miniseries, there are 3 print ads.

The first one describes a mansion, and from the words from the car (Crafter) you can figure out that a wedding is happening here. Then to the second picture, a catering company, which serves food for the wedding, parked its car beside the wedding co. with an exact same car, just a different body print. And then from the third pic, you can see the night comes, and probably because there were too many people so the plumbing company came.

And the campaign follows with two other print ads and following the same pattern, surprise but close to life.

This advertising message is creatively presented in three ways

(1)Slice of life

It’s creative because it connects everyday life with the VW Crafter. And it fits perfectly with the slogan, “Crafter for any business”. And because the ads shows daily life, so it will leave the impression for the viewers, and when they want to buy a car for their own business they will probably think of Crafter.

It is effective at presenting three situations to which consumers can relate and at registering the product feature-for any business-that helps Volkswagen to sell the brand.


As we all know that demonstration advertising is designed to illustrate the key advantage of the products by showing it in actual use and in some staged situation. In this advertisement, this creative execution is utilized to show three successive scenes in a wedding which Volkswagen Crafter paly a different role. It schemes to show us that Volkswagen Crafter can be used in any business.


 I laughed when I saw the third pic, its a little surprise to me at first, but it’s a piece of life. Emergency happens Consumers may curious about to guess what the emergency has happened here. The food is bad so the toilet is blogged or something else? The thread picture is really humorous but never insulting since this one is close to life, it not aesthetic and you can easily tell because there aren’t any fancy scenes.

In a word, it’s simple but hit the point. So we think it deserves a gold medal.


This is the link of Volkswagen Crafter For any business (Campaign) :

The Wilderness Downtown

Grand Clio

The objective of HTML5 is to move the web forward and connect users with modern browsers such as Google Chrome. The creative idea of this advertisement is team up with Arcade fire to show what the modern web look like and create the first music experience developed entirely in HTML5.

Briefly introduction of the Wilderness Downtown

The video shows us an interactive short film about Wilderness Downtown and you can play this small funny game in the website constructed by HTML5 and the experience the powerness of HTML5.

 When you start the game, you will see a farsighted artistic picture and you will be required to enter an address. Then you will see a beautiful picture in which a person is running in opposite the sun with enthralling music. You, like the person in the short movie, are looking around and enjoy the pleasures of retrospection.

This advertising message is creatively presented in Demonstration

The most impressive feature is that the ad just show us the actual and fantastic use of HTML5 which will totally substitute flash in the future and bring us a new version technical revolution. We can say that this ad is the most powerful demonstration of HTML5.Becaue it’s pretty easy to see why when you look at the serious JavaScript at work here… The HTML 5 demo has multiple choreographed windows triggered by music points, interactive bird flocking to your mouse and in time with the music, custom rendered Google maps, perfect real-time compositing over the top of maps, some advanced procedural drawing that delivers velocity influenced tree branches from the mouse and even 3D canvas rendering!

So, enough of the nerd stuff, this is bloody amazing, check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

This is the link of the video of The Wilderness Downtown:


Advertising and Promotion: An integrated Marketing Communications perspective by Belch

                                                                                                               Written by : Na Li


11 thoughts on “Promotion Creativity

  1. Very interesting Crafter ad. Sometimes the spotlight of printing ad is that it delivers a point in very subtle way. If Volkswagen just claims that Crafter can be used in various industries, such as bala, no one will remember it. However, Volkswagen tells audience this point by the demonstration of picture story without any word description. I believe almost every audience who watch the ad will smile and clap for the humor of slice of life-that’s it, for any business, Crafter.
    Shixin Yu

  2. The way of showing multiple pictures in a print ad is one of the most classic ones. First, it attracts people to look closely at it. Because you can’t understand it in one second. At least you have to look it for 3 seconds to get it. Then probably you remember the brand better than a single picture print. People will remember the ad which makes them think. This one needs some tiny think to understand. Overall, nice print with smart idea.

    Jiawei Shen

    • I agree that the ad is memorable due to the storyline…and because it makes the viewer smile, or laugh out loud. There is an interesting ‘turn of events’ when the third image is introduced. Because you laugh, its memorable.
      Upon first glance at the copy (before the images) I thought they were targeting a ‘crafter’, ie. someone who likes to do arts and crafts. I thought the name of the vehicle was confusing at first until I though about ‘craft’ as a skill, or profession. For instance Pablo the pool guy’s craft is maintaining pools. Clever name for this type of vehicle.
      Ashley A.

  3. The HTML5 commercial was absolutely mind-blowing…capturing audience attention with real-time interactive aspects combined with high-rendered graphics is really the future of movie/video media. This can be a great way to really draw in an audience for future advertisements and videos, including ads that can be adjusted depending on where the user grew up or his choice of inputs that better suit his preferences!


  4. The author did a great job in analyzing the print ads in three perspectives: Slice of life, Demonstration and Humor. However, beyond that, I believe the print ads did excellent job in provoking people’s imagination. Personally speaking, I feel that I can have my own business very soon, because the three different Volkswagen business cars inspire me to think this way. What I have seen is not just three different cars and three different slices of life but even more. This give me a positive signal that everything one can have their own business and be a boss by their own just by owing a Crafter.

    Wencai L.

  5. It is so sweet to combine the advertisement with a wedding, one of the happiest moment in the world. VW conduct a lovely emotion to our customers and express human caring here. In the advertisement, it describes three screens happen on the wedding day. As time pass by, from early morning, noon to a crazy wedding nights,VW displays three cars for different functions. Come on, there is even a plumbing company? It can’t be true! But the advertisement just tells us that if there is a demand, if you can think about, VW can satisfy all your need.

  6. I think the VW ad is very effective in conveying its theme of “for any business“ with three Crafters conveying the usages of it in real life. And putting it in the same scene does have the humorous influence, which would develop positive feelings among audience. And for the Wilderness Downtown, I love the music and its effectiveness in reaching so many people in such a short period.
    –Xiaoting Wang

  7. The VW ad uses story to tell us that their car can do any business. At first I am a little confused about this ad, but when I watch it and see the words on three cars, I laughed. This ad made a print ad vivid. It’ not a video but you can use your imagination to build a whole story. And maybe, different people have different image about this ad. This ad give customer space to think, and while they thinking, they remember this interesting ad.
    -N. Bai

  8. This advertisement makes it point about the trucks being useful to a range of businesses and manages to throw a funny twist in at the end. It seems that with some commercials they concentrate so much on making them funny that they forget to make their point about the product. -MCarroll

  9. I really love the first Volkswagen Crafter print ad, and I significantly agree with you about what you said in “Slice of life”. From up to down, they added one more car and show one more untility about the Crafter. The photoes are great, it easily attracted me.
    About the seconde one, as a googole, I am familiar with chrome, what they did was actually amazing. Google’s products are always simple but useful. The same as Chrome.

    Miaokun Lin

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