Why Interactive Mediaļ¼Ÿ

The group chose interactive media as its focus for the semester. The blog was named iMedia567 to signify the name of the course that we’re a part of. Unlike most other traditional forms of media such as advertising, interactive media allows for the two-way flow of communication. Technology has played a more than defining role in the growing popularity of interactive media and we felt that it would be interesting to explore this ever-changing and evolving form of communication. Interactive media has become a part of our daily existence and is playing a role in altering our thoughts, behaviors and needs.

The influence of interactive media is gradually extending to all corners of the globe. In the United States, Facebook and Twitter are popular not only among the younger generation but also in the business world. After noticing the power and potential of social media, the Chinese started to develop their own platforms of social media such as Weibo and Renren.

Interactive media is also a fantastic and innovative platform for marketing. Firstly, the cost of information distribution is much cheaper. Using interactive media helps marketers to save money on promotion and research. Secondly, marketers can obtain feedback from customers in real time since social media provides an open and flexible environment for users to air opinions and communicate. Thirdly, marketers can use the plethora of resources offered by the Internet in order to promote their products and services.

We look forward to learning about and experiencing the world of interactive media in the coming weeks. We can hopefully facilitate some good conversations and discussions among the various participants of this blog.

–Written by Yiqian Sun